Thursday, 15 June 2017

Colic Baby

Bringing home your newborn is matter of ultimate joy. Nothing is comparable to this feeling of having your baby in your room where you have spent days waiting for him. I had mixed feelings when I brought my baby boy from the hospital.  I had a lot of anxiety mainly because he had physiological jaundice and needed to be exposed to sunlight to the maximum. Gradually his bilirubin level came to normal acceptable range. But then something else was waiting to enter my anxious mind – that was ‘colic’.

My baby would at times cried inconsolable. Our pediatrician diagnosed that it is colic. He prescribed some very mild drops for the baby.  And I had to closely monitor my diet as I was feeding him.

Babies when out of womb undergo still many changes and are exposed to a totally new atmosphere. Their organs are still developing. Digestive system is not mature yet. Therefor colic is something very normal and goes away with time. Usually it takes first 3 months but in my case the baby got relief from colic by the time he was 4 months.

Some very usual symptoms are:-

-          Loud sudden cry, which is difficult to calm.

-          Red face of baby.

-          Disturbed bowel activity.

-          Increase passing of gas or spitting up of milk.

-          May suddenly scream when fast asleep.

Here symptoms may vary from baby to baby.

What calmed by heart monster during that time was “a close contact with me”, the calmer I was the more my baby felt relieved.  

During this time it is very important to keep yourself calm and having lots of patience. It is something which I terribly lacked. I was too worried seeing this happening to my baby. He would wake up screaming.  As I was still recuperating from C- Section delivery, a colicky baby added to my woes. Still it was not enough I had relatives asking me to get my baby thoroughly checked up and I should get and ultrasound done for the same. Such unwanted suggestion tore me apart and gave me sleepless nights.

Any ways I have learned something very important during that time :

-          Motherhood also requires lot of stamina and physical energy other than patience and calmness.

-        Never let negativity overpower you.  You cannot ignore some people but give cold shoulder to their unwanted suggestions.



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