Friday 2 February 2018

Poem for my better half - relationship goals

Half slept half dreamy under the quilt
Holding hands and praising the bliss
This cold January night as we lay entwined
My soul surrenders to the melody of your heartbeat

Your tender touch and breath so warm
Seized in your arms with love divine
Your strong embrace healing my soul
The Fragrant essence which leaves me high
Blossomed my heart with those mighty kisses
Untamed and stormy your love so wild

Attached our being with bond so pure
You are my place under the sun
Immortal our love, no storm can perish
This timeless bond! And Blessed we are!.

Monday 15 January 2018

Post Partum Depression

Constant feeling of fear, guilt, sadness, anxiety, and sudden outburst of crying, lowness and extreme sensitiveness were some of the emotions which I experienced a few days after my delivery. Not suddenly but gradual onset after 10 to 15 days post delivery.

It was the day of extreme pride and joy when I gave birth to my darling baby. He bought along lots of sunshine but some internal turmoil in my body gave rise to post partum depression. Blame it on hormones or some monster inside me but reality is I faced it and still living with some remnants of it.

It is hard, painful and much harder is to make people around you understand your problem. It’s like some constant burden on your shoulder and you are left with no energy or strength to push it away. Why life cannot be simple? Why route to happiness is laden with stones of hardship?

The utmost joyous moment of my life came accompanied with these hellish unknown fears and sadness. My parents, husband as well as in-laws took care of me as much as they can. My husband supported me, but personally I expected something more, I wanted people around me to be more patient and non judgmental. 

Anyways it has been my personal battle and I have to emerge out as a winner for my wellness. It has been almost one year now and with time things are getting better. I have never allowed faith and hope to leave my heart. My baby and his soft touches are there to heal and keep me moving. 

Advice for new moms: – Talk about it. Communicate your feelings. If people understand it well and good and if they don’t, be patient. Hug your baby, be strong, things will always get better. Indulge in any hobby or activity you like even if it is for a shortest available time.

My stress buster is books and songs. I indulge in lot of reading and music whenever I get any time off from the never ending chores a t home.

If living in a nuclear setup strictly allocate some of the baby duties to the father. This way at least you get some time off.

Statutory warning - Do not Google much about it.

Life is indeed full of some whirlwind mix of emotions. In between all the upheavals my son is my knight in armor. I love him to moon and back. No matter how bad my mood is, his smile in any case makes my life joyous.   


“Come near me and look into my eyes

Hold my hand and kiss my forehead

I need a hug, some tender reassurance

Wipe my tears, for I have lost all strength

Send my way some twinkling dust

I want to be near you and kiss your smiles

I want to feel your breath and dance to the tunes of your heartbeat

For it makes me feel alive”

Sunday 5 November 2017

What kept me busy all this while?

"My Heart Monster"

It was January 2015 when I started this blog. Though I am no expert writer but I did it with great passion and love, never to abandon it. And today I am back here after almost 5 months. Motherhood took over everything in my life. What a rewarding feeling to hold your baby in your arms, it is no less than bliss.

From a full time working woman, right now I am a full time mom on an extended maternity leave. Motherhood is a roller coaster ride. There are moments of happiness and some lowness too. Babies, they want every molecule, every atom of their mothers, they don’t spare even an inch. You have no free time left for yourself. Sometimes even going to the loo seems like a task to be done. You have to hold on and on and on.

I have faced it all from pregnancy complication in last trimester to post-partum depression, issues with breastfeeding, colic baby all this and more with least amount of support. I think mentally I wasn’t prepared or never gave a thought to how life would be after baby. I was just too happy to see myself pregnant after almost a year of trying to conceive.

Things are more sorted now and I have to just fight the remnants of depression from my life. I have to fight that demon called sadness and do things which make me happy and fulfilled.

I have completely lost track of my life, motherhood overpowered me. And now some serious renovation, designing is needed. I want to regain the strength and confidence which is hidden over layers of laziness and some junk. I need to somehow spare few moments no matter how little to ward off boredom and monotony. I am back to my blog and shall stay.

Well it is almost 12 am and my heart monster shall wake up anytime for mid night feed, shall post more about how I faced post-partum depression on my next post. Stay tuned.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Thursday 15 June 2017

Colic Baby

Bringing home your newborn is matter of ultimate joy. Nothing is comparable to this feeling of having your baby in your room where you have spent days waiting for him. I had mixed feelings when I brought my baby boy from the hospital.  I had a lot of anxiety mainly because he had physiological jaundice and needed to be exposed to sunlight to the maximum. Gradually his bilirubin level came to normal acceptable range. But then something else was waiting to enter my anxious mind – that was ‘colic’.

My baby would at times cried inconsolable. Our pediatrician diagnosed that it is colic. He prescribed some very mild drops for the baby.  And I had to closely monitor my diet as I was feeding him.

Babies when out of womb undergo still many changes and are exposed to a totally new atmosphere. Their organs are still developing. Digestive system is not mature yet. Therefor colic is something very normal and goes away with time. Usually it takes first 3 months but in my case the baby got relief from colic by the time he was 4 months.

Some very usual symptoms are:-

-          Loud sudden cry, which is difficult to calm.

-          Red face of baby.

-          Disturbed bowel activity.

-          Increase passing of gas or spitting up of milk.

-          May suddenly scream when fast asleep.

Here symptoms may vary from baby to baby.

What calmed by heart monster during that time was “a close contact with me”, the calmer I was the more my baby felt relieved.  

During this time it is very important to keep yourself calm and having lots of patience. It is something which I terribly lacked. I was too worried seeing this happening to my baby. He would wake up screaming.  As I was still recuperating from C- Section delivery, a colicky baby added to my woes. Still it was not enough I had relatives asking me to get my baby thoroughly checked up and I should get and ultrasound done for the same. Such unwanted suggestion tore me apart and gave me sleepless nights.

Any ways I have learned something very important during that time :

-          Motherhood also requires lot of stamina and physical energy other than patience and calmness.

-        Never let negativity overpower you.  You cannot ignore some people but give cold shoulder to their unwanted suggestions.


Tuesday 25 April 2017

The Matters of Heart

“Your tiny feet stamped my heart

Your glistening eyes, brighten my days

Your smiles and laughters are music of happiness

My tiny angel my heart monster

You rule my life and govern my soul”

Thursday 23 March 2017

God’s Love is so Wonderful

It’s been a long time. I am posting something today after a very long break.

Past one year has been very tough for me.  Tears sadness and anxieties were my constant companions.

It was the end of Feb 2015 when I had to rush for an emergency USG, what it revealed was shattering for me. Doctor said that he couldn’t detect the fetal heartbeat. My world turned upside down, no words could explain the turmoil my soul went through. I felt empty and lost.

Well with time I managed to gather some strength. Made peace with what happened and reignited the flames of hope and faith. With God’s grace I was again able to conceive within the next two months and then started the roller coaster ride of pregnancy. There were lots of ups and down during the entire tenure of 9 months, I was down with viral fever, some unexpected bleeding and difficulty with keeping track of fetal movements. This was all followed by an emergency C- Section delivery, 3 weeks before the expected date.

And then as we say God’s love is so wonderful, I could really feel it, it was my moment of truth when for the very first time I had my tiny being in my arms.

Just two of us with love and only love around. Nothing is comparable to the feel and touch of your own child.

Life is indeed unexpected. But one thing is for sure have faith and never let it die. Believe in miracles they really happen.

Friday 20 January 2017

Health with Terra

Health and fitness remains the cornerstone of my family. Anything unhealthy is a big no.  This goes especially for my husband who is a big fitness freak. He prefers organic produce and home cooked food more. And when it comes to snacks he is really fond of baked and roasted food item requiring no or less oil. Sedentary lifestyle is really making all of us unhealthy. With tight office timings and gorging on junk food / snacks is taking toll on our health.

Last month being a full festivity, fun and frolic was as usual the best time of the year. With delectable dishes to relish upon and enjoying the good times with family & friends, festivals in India are really enjoyable. What comes as a side effect is the gift platter full of sweets, oily and fried food in fact everything which is heavy on stomach.

Much to my surprise a day before Diwali I received a wonderful gift pack from Terra Chips, made from real whole vegetables. Good to taste, light on stomach, full of nutrient punch and great aroma, Terra chips are really much awaited product in the present day time of adulteration and everything artificial. This perfect crunchy snack made from real vegetables like – Yuca, Parsnip, Blue Potato (Naturally), Sweet Potato, Batata and Taro, combines beautiful colours and delicious flavours. This pleasant to taste and appetizing snack provides us with Optimum amount of Energy, Protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Iron & Calcium.

These much organic and made of no artificial product Terra Chips was much liked by my family members.  Present day lifestyle when we are left with no time to enter kitchen and cook, these real vegetable chips is the best option of healthy snacking. Exotic Taste and rich colours add to the delightful munching and gourmet snacking. You are never enough of Terra chips, once the pack got finished my hubby dear immediately ordered for more of Terra chips from Amazon. They are also available at Nature’s Basket, Big Basket and Food hall.

Experience these special and distinctive -Terra Chips, pleasing for the taste buds and fulfilling for senses, don’t wait and take this journey of good health.