Friday, 20 January 2017

Health with Terra

Health and fitness remains the cornerstone of my family. Anything unhealthy is a big no.  This goes especially for my husband who is a big fitness freak. He prefers organic produce and home cooked food more. And when it comes to snacks he is really fond of baked and roasted food item requiring no or less oil. Sedentary lifestyle is really making all of us unhealthy. With tight office timings and gorging on junk food / snacks is taking toll on our health.

Last month being a full festivity, fun and frolic was as usual the best time of the year. With delectable dishes to relish upon and enjoying the good times with family & friends, festivals in India are really enjoyable. What comes as a side effect is the gift platter full of sweets, oily and fried food in fact everything which is heavy on stomach.

Much to my surprise a day before Diwali I received a wonderful gift pack from Terra Chips, made from real whole vegetables. Good to taste, light on stomach, full of nutrient punch and great aroma, Terra chips are really much awaited product in the present day time of adulteration and everything artificial. This perfect crunchy snack made from real vegetables like – Yuca, Parsnip, Blue Potato (Naturally), Sweet Potato, Batata and Taro, combines beautiful colours and delicious flavours. This pleasant to taste and appetizing snack provides us with Optimum amount of Energy, Protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Iron & Calcium.

These much organic and made of no artificial product Terra Chips was much liked by my family members.  Present day lifestyle when we are left with no time to enter kitchen and cook, these real vegetable chips is the best option of healthy snacking. Exotic Taste and rich colours add to the delightful munching and gourmet snacking. You are never enough of Terra chips, once the pack got finished my hubby dear immediately ordered for more of Terra chips from Amazon. They are also available at Nature’s Basket, Big Basket and Food hall.

Experience these special and distinctive -Terra Chips, pleasing for the taste buds and fulfilling for senses, don’t wait and take this journey of good health.


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  2. Wow. These chips look neat! Healthy tips!