Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Fail Forward

“I fell in a hard way
I smothered my life in a bitter way.
I cried and cried inconsolable.
All I wished was to finish off my story.
Those moments of sadness, anxiety profound
Failures are difficult not an easy acceptance
I felt the weakness and pain immense
I hid in a veil of false perceptions
Holding the sadness, not letting it go
Gripped by fear of something unknown
Feeling miserable can suffer no more”

“Good and bad are parts of life
The road is long with jerks and bumps
The journey we undertake depends on us
We can sulk and scream with disappointments immense or
We laugh and love and learn from our failures
Improvise our thoughts and strengthen believes
Failures are such, will never leave us.
They are the teachers the guide tough
Refine your thoughts and rise up.
We need to write our story with firm determination
Life is all what we make of it”

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  1. Well said buddy, its the attitude that matters :)

  2. Powerful words Swati. Very nicely written

  3. True, life is all we make of it...but sometimes circumstances play their part too.

    1. Circumstances do play their part, we need to learn from them too. We need to accept and move on.

  4. So true! Loved this positive post :)

  5. We live through the first part and those who learn from it, go and make the second part of the poem possible. Uplifting, motivating and relatable.

    1. Thanks Saru. First part is half of the journey, the second part completes us.

  6. This is so true, Life is all we make it! The life lessons always teaches us a great deal to fight with all the failures. Beautifully written,Swati! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Saumy. Failures and success are part of life and we should accept it.

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  8. Good one, its all about how are we learning from failure and come back...

  9. It seems that these lines are depicting a true story of a person experienced hardships & failures and the s/he actually emerged out as a winner!
    A lot to learn from you!




  10. Such a wonderful poem, Swati! Yes, life is about accepting our failures, taking them in our stride and making sincere efforts to rising from it. Beautifully penned!

  11. The last line said it All. Life is what we make it or choose it to be! Well written!

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