Friday, 17 April 2015

Happy Feet

Though not much a fashion conscious person my husband has a great fixation for shoes. Our shoe closet consists of Canvas, Sneakers, and Loafers in various colors as well as a big line up of formal shoes.
Wearing right kind of shoe enhances our personality and makes us look confident. Breaking up the monotony of black, brown or white shoes, now day’s shoes are available in almost all shades.

With ever changing style and various trends, varieties available in market one should not follow fashion blindly. When it comes to your feet be care full while selecting the right kind of footwear.

Following points regarding foot health can be helpful:-
  • When you wear the shoe see that you are able to freely move the toe.
  • The moment you put on the shoe, it should feel comfortable.
  • Walk and move some distance to check the comfort level.
  • The grip should be firm; feet should not slip from shoe.
  • Take care of swollen feet with soaking them in lukewarm water mixed with tea tree oil and lemon.
  • Exfoliate your feet with a scrub, it helps remove dead skin and makes it soft.
  • Keep the skin of your feet hydrated, Use a foot cream.
  • Alternate the shoe you wear or keep changing as those  shoes need some time to clear off odor or infection.
  • Never reuse socks without washing.
  • Wash your feet often, as well as dry them especially between toes as it is prone to infection.
  • Cut toe nails carefully.
Busy and stressful schedule takes away most of our time. So online shopping is the best choice available.
Many will agree that e - commerce has grown up to a lot of advantage with customers around the globe and business organized 7 days a week for 24 hours.
Having tried many sites, the one my husband likes most provides him with his favored Loafers , Sneakers, Canvas shoes in many colors, Here with best service one can select the shoe refining the search as per the desired category, brand, color, size and price. The look is smart and stylish. The sizes are mentioned, so one can get their shoe size measured and purchase as per it.
Following healthy habits gives us happy, smiling feet. And in return it gives us a great start to the day.


  1. I prefer to buy my shoes from stores where I can try them. Those are some neat tips for sure.

    1. You are right, by trying you buy the best fit.
      Thanks Dear.

  2. Thank you, Swati.Glanced through the wide and varied choice available in sneaker's site.

    1. Thanks a lot.for visiting.
      Smiles for you.

  3. Ha! What are the odds that we both write posts about 'footwear' :)

    Handy tips, by the way.

    1. Absolutely, i had same thought when I read your post yesterday.
      Thanks a lot for visiting here.

  4. Good tips for feet, often the most neglected part.
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting here Indrani
      Warm wishes to you.