Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Best Disguise

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“The Best Disguise”

Flipping through my twitter account on a lazy Sunday evening, tweet of blogadda flashed before me regarding “WOW – The Best Disguise”, and what instantly came to my mind was my angel, my armor in disguise - “My Mother”.
She is my respite during all the unpleasant situations. Like a shield she had always concealed hatred with love and revealed the grandeur and honor of life before us.

My mother is epitome of positive energy. She has an aura of affection & kindness. In my own personal experience she has literally carried me during hard times and helped sail my boat with all the calmness.

Life is full of challenges, it’s up to us how we overcome them and shape our lives as well as lives of those around us with courage and smiles.

I don’t want to sound melodramatic or monotonous but the dynamics of mother daughter relationship is selfless and beyond words to describe.

My mother had been a pillar of strength for the entire family. Her positivity has indeed infused unlimited courage in lives of all around her. She has some magical charm to ward off worries and pain. Seeing her smile is the biggest delight in life. 

She is passionate about education, learning, uplifting, and supporting people around her. Narrating a small episode, how she being on medical help herself, through willpower & endurance helped 2 teenage girls belonging to economically backward and orthodox families.  My mother suffered from the severe pain of Trigeminal neuralgia, In spite of her own adversity she taught the girls day and night, as their families were not sound enough to hire a paid mentor. Under my mother’s consistent guidance, encouragement, and advise the girls excelled in their respective board examination. They continued higher education completed post-graduation; both of them are working women now. One of them is married in a good family and the other one disapproved marrying her prospective groom due to dowry demands.  My mother’s moral support & perseverance helped in saving the two lives from cruelties of society. She had been their guard in disguise. Her ‘Midas’ touch glorified them.

This also teaches us the importance of educating the girls, for their self-improvement as well as advancement of society in a positive direction.

Let us all promise to spare some part of our lives and assure our society of our help and commitment. Let us be shelter in disguise to someone in need.

My Very First WOW Post


  1. Salute to your Mom. Humble respect and regard . We don't always need power to change ....but the intent to change :)

  2. Hey

    Thanks Sushree for your regards.

    Best of wishes for you!!!!!!!!!

  3. A mother is always a pillar of strength for the entire family. Humble yet strong.. Congrats for the Wow badge Swati.. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your generous comment.

      Best Wishes to you!!!!!!

  4. Your mother's good deeds are spilling over to you now...the way you have motivated us here.
    That's a great job she did for those 2 girls...hope they stay blessed.

    1. Thanks a lot, its actually you motivated me with your comment.
      Warm wishes to you.