Sunday 29 March 2015

A Never Ending Summer

The six basic seasons observed in India are ‘Vasanta’ (Spring), ‘Grishma’ (Summer), ‘Varsha’( Monsoon), ‘Sharad’ (Autumn), ‘Hemanta’( Fall Winter), ‘Shishira (Winter)’. Each season comes with its own charm and importance. But all signifies growth, progression, continuity and arrives with a rhythm entwined with the Mother Nature. 

Massive natural calamities like flood, cyclones, drought, rising temperature, everywhere in the globe has already given much focus and attention to the threat of ‘Global Warming’. The extreme carbon build up, melting glacier, rising sea level and declining ground water level is indeed a cause of concern.
Dwelling in Delhi, the summer season here is really unbearable. It scorches with sweltering heat, hot wind, strong sun rays, resultant is prickly heat, burns, heat strokes and many other infections.

But still what keeps us going in the summers is:-

*     The delicacies like Mango. The king of fruit.  Loved by all, it’s the most delicious, having the kind of aroma, fragrance and taste along with richness of nutrition (It has good amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals).
*     Healthy drinks and shakes to beat the heat, like Mango Panna, lemonade,  ‘lassi’, ‘Chach’, fruits shakes.
*     Abundance of fresh fruits like Apricot, Cantaloupe, Berries, Water melon, Plums, Peaches, lychee etc. relishes our taste buds as well as keeps up the cooling quotient.
*     Much loved cotton fabrics is the most essential and usable during this time.
*     A recreational activity like swimming is much refreshing.
*     The sweet and lingering anticipation in heart against weather forecast, that it shall rain soon.
*     A sudden rain, one blessed day to sooth the burns of sun.
*     Washing away heat by getting drenched in rain.
*     The shelter from trees, the green covers gives much needed relief.
*     The days are longer so increased amount of daylight and productive time.
*    Drinking lots of water, avoiding outings during noon time is advisable

Though these are useful pointers to keep our selves protected during summers. But we have to strongly consider the effects generated by global warming. It’s destructive and is on rise. We have to do our bit by:

*    Planting Trees, developing gardens whichever way possible.
*    Avoid wasting water as much as we can.
*    Keeping the electric appliance off when not needed.
*    Stop throwing waste material in the rivers specially the plastic stuff.
*    Carpooling or using public transport.
*    Keeping water pots or containers at possible locations, for Birds or other animals.

Let us rejoice this season of summers with a pledge in our heart to do every possible effort to save our nature and protect our coming generations from unbearable menace of global warming.
It’s not impossible we all know it and we all can do it, some simple lifestyle changes can forbid the strongest peril.

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  1. Liked the simple style... :)
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  2. Nice points :) Just reminded me to have a fruit shake right now :D

    1. Thanks Teny,
      Fruit shake is nutritious as well as good to taste.

  3. Seriously, delhi ki garmi...i belong to ambala so can relate to all you have mentioned.
    Good point.

    1. Its getting hot day by day now.
      I have been to Ambala, its equally hot there.

  4. I have lived in Delhi for ten years and liked it in all seasons.The city is burgeoning on all sides and with greater connectivity through metro distances have been reduced.
    But the growing population will put pressure on civic facilities like water and power.Offices both government and private should be pushed to the outskirts that are connected by metro to reduce the congestion.

    1. Thanks for reading my post.
      Metro train is a real sigh of relief.
      Shifting all offices to outskirts is a good suggestion, though seems difficult to implement. Seeing the utter congestion, this would be the only option in near future.

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