Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The World Remade - Part II

“I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 “.

Abundance of sunlight to warm the lives.
Chirping Birds and cooling breeze to touch the beautiful cords of life.
Rivers flowing with fresh water, serenity dwells, sitting on its bank hearing pious sound of bells.
Harmony surrounds with learned minds.
Kids going to school with rays of hope, breaking the shackles of begging and labor.
No mind pervert, no heart so sadist.
Looting and killing are the things of past.
No animal getting extinct, no bloodshed for fun.
The flora and fauna is spun in love.
Greener ecosystem with no danger to ozone layer.
Human activities productive, greenhouse gases are stable.
Intense scare of global warming is disabled.
The glaciers are balanced the weather unharmed.
Intact are the forest and mountains, blessed are the myriad hues of garden.
Gone are the days of natural disaster.
Flood and drought is the story of past.
Sources and resources are plenty for all.
Harmonious and happy are the souls.
Rains felicitous, farms are fertile.
Produce is blissful and farmers are joyful.
Diseases and illness are all gone by
Over and done are the maladies of cancer.
Abolished and extinct are HIV and EBOLA.
Health promoted and nourished all humans.
Kindergarten blooms, childhood grooms.
Sports revived, the zeal to life survives and thrives.
No enslavement to drugs only addiction to hug.
No thugs to dope,
The Continent full of hope and scope.
The Women live with grandeur, the men are no more voyeur.
Fragrance of culture, vibrant traditions, like a diamond all shine,
Fine notes of chime, create music so fine, of feelings and friendship, shines in heart.
We will live in abode of peace and prosperity, MY WORLD GLOWED, is without barbarity.
Nectar of kindness for young and old, care divine for each and all
Abandoning elders for worry of unknown, this stranded woe is made no more.
We contemplate good thoughts; Respect and care dominate my world.
Act of violation, abduction, molestation, aggression are replaced by action of patience and pleasure and comfort and calmness.
My new world harness solidarity and promise honesty.
The boundaries of religions, the myths, the whims and fancies are no more alive.
We abide, align to the divine insight, that God is one and boundaries are none,  that can separate humans alike.
The malformed world, breaking chain of corruption, getting  reformed. My world remodeled from a hell to paradise.
Darkness of ignorance and weakness is transformed to brightness of knowledge and strength, is “MY WORLD REMADE”

(This is my second entry to the contest) 



  1. very nicely written...............I wrote on the same topic here http://vikrams777.blogspot.in/2015/03/the-flawless-world.html plz comment your views :)

    1. Thanks Vikram,
      I am Happy you visited here and read my post.
      Shall surely read yours.