Sunday, 1 March 2015


 “The birds and bees and flowers so sweet
Full of love is the buzz and tweet.
Life rebounds from a cold summer night
With warmth around and greenery surround”.

The season of spring heralds the beginning of growth, production, warmth, charming the mother earth with vibrant hues. Flowering of mango trees, valued time for pollination, ensuring good produce, the season of spring yield crop of love for everyone.

Resonating with vibrancy of beautiful spring, my youthful heart swells with fondness and tenderness, my womb yearns and there are pangs to feel the motherhood. Seeing the glory of Mother Nature around me, I sense the overwhelming joy and desire eagerly to feel the strong bond the divine touch inside me.

I have heard, learned, read repeatedly that being a mother is the most beautiful and angelic experience. To create, produce a life within you takes us to the higher level on a spiritual journey of life.
The Flowers blossom, the sanctity around, love inside me to caress a soul, the cord of my heart entwines with nature.

Being married for almost two years now, having given the sufficient care to flourish the  bond, it’s time for me to give my weeping womb a chance to cherish, the desire to enrich and nurture the growth.

(“If the egg that is given off by the ovary is not fertilized, it merely passes on through the uterus, out the vagina, and is lost. The outer cells lining the uterus are then discarded for the month along with blood that is released as they tear themselves away from the wall. This is called “menstrual flow.” It is said that menstruation is the “weeping of a disappointed womb,” when pregnancy does not occur.” The Atlantic – Health archive)

Though the medical science has reached the zenith of success, giving hope to many women and glorifying their life’s garden with smiles. And the ones who have advanced their maternal age or unable to conceive have still better hopes to embrace happiness, by bringing to homes the chosen ones, accomplishing the forsaken dreams, fulfilling the needs and sharing love.

The pleasant and fascinating season of spring inspires in abundance and blesses me to enrich my life with sweet blossoms.

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  1. I liked the connection you wove with spring and a new unborn life.

  2. Dear Rachna

    Thanks a lot for reading my post, and for your appreciation.


  3. A very poetic way of expressing yourself, Swati! :)

  4. Thanks a lot for your generous comment.

  5. This was beautiful to read Swati. I hope the young one inherits all the talents of its poetess mother.

    Warm regards,


    PS- Thanks for dropping by on my interview page with blogadda. :)

  6. Wonderful comment Abhyudaya.
    Thanks a lot.